Tuesday, 20 September 2016

My art

HI and welcome back today I am selling my art 

                         You would probably want a ........2017 calendar right? 

                                                  Here is a close up on my art
                              DON'T FORGET IT IS ONLY $9.99 

                    And this art will shine on down to you with the moon. 

Also this night and day art will cost $9.99 and that is all it will cost. There are some other items that you can have like cards (pack of 8) only cost $12, Diaries =$15 and notepads also $12.



  1. Wow Taylah!I would love to by that art!I think it will really stand out in my room.I know lot's of other people would love to by it.It look's like you put in a lot of effort into it.Keep up the amazing effort!

  2. That is so persuasive Taylah. That art is soooooo cool, I want to by it. I'm sure that you are very proud of yourself. i'm sure your parents will by so many calendars. Keep up the great blogging Taylah!!!