Monday, 10 April 2017

Writing Special Place

HI an Welcome back to my blog today I am going to show you my Writing about my Special Place HB I chose to talk about Clifton Camp It is a very special Place to be because my nana and Poppa live their and I have got friend there here name is Ella she dose not go to Parkvale School tho.

Clifton Camp: A Special Place In Hawke’s Bay

Blinking my eyes I can't imagine being here. The fresh green grass and trees are greener than ever. Cabins reflecting of the sun burning my eyes willed the cooled relaxing salty water underneath my feet as I could go asleep.  

Sondes of bird tweeting sounds like I am lost. Little shop with nice cold ice cream’s inside of them I could stay there for ever. The blue and gray rock starting to get darker when the water runs up them like a nice little stream. The bounce trampoline and tall slide is so much fun and so hot when you go on it you will get burned. Wooden picnic table sitting in the side of the beach where you can look over at the beautiful sea with the sun making sparkles in the water. The soft smooth sand in different colors gold black and white.

That is why Clifton Camp is my favorite place to go. It is so fun I think that you should go there too.      


  1. Awesome work Taylah!! Love your descriptive writing.

  2. Good work Taylah!! that place looks so fun to go.I love the story and how you described the special place.
    Amie {: