Thursday, 4 May 2017

Tie Fighters rap`

Hi and welcome back to my blog this is my fist blog of term 2. On May 1st we came back to school and we  did a  rap in our new learning group. My group is called Tie Fighters here is a photo of the Tie Fighters ship.
 We spent all morning and a little bit after morning tea working together.                            Here is our picture of our drawing 

These are the words to our song.
We split in to two groups, the rap  group and the art group Here are some photos of the group and a video.

 This is the rap.


  1. wow Taylah you must have done so much work.

  2. Great lyrics but shame the video didn't work. Awesome team effort.

  3. Wow I love how you showed us your groups ship

  4. Wow Taylah!I like how you described everything we did then.I think that adding the photo's was really cool.I like how you also told us the name of you're ship and what it look's like.Keep it up!!! ;P