Wednesday, 16 November 2016


                           P.E skipping, running and throwing    

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog. Today I will be blogging about P.E.
For P.E we have been doing skipping, running and throwing. Here are some photos of me and my learning buddy Sage doing P.E together.

This is Sage running

This is me running


This is me skipping

This is Sage Jumping

This is me throwing (If you look close enough you can see my ball)

This is Sage throwing (If you look close  enough you can see Sage's ball)  

My Art

Hi and welcome back to my blog.  Today I will be showing you my art work.

Here is a picture of my art. My art was sketching and shading.

On the top half of my art and on the left hand side is a pencil and in the middle is a glue stick and on the end I have got a rubber.

On the bottom half of my art and on the left hand side are three cubes stacked on top of each other and next to it I have some scissors.

My Art teacher was Mrs Carr.

The first thing we did before we even started the sketching was Mrs Carr handed out a piece of paper so we could practice shading.
After we had finished practicing our shading we then had to start thinking about what we were going to actually sketch.  The first thing I sketched was a pencil and then I started on the glue stick and then I continued on the rest of the objects.

I hope you all enjoy my art work. I think I did pretty well for my first time.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

My Writing

Hi and welcome back to my blog I will be showing you my writing. HERE IT IS.

WALT develop a story to entertain the reader
Text form: Narrative

Success Criteria
  • Use the Writing Process (Get Ready, Craft, Revising, Editing, Sharing)
  • Structure your narrative through your plan
  • Begins with orientation (setting and main character)
  • Paint a picture with words (descriptive words and actions)
  • Paragraphs (Orientation / Events x3 / Resolution - Ending)
  • My writing goal: Spelling
               Beach Mystery
BANG!! the car door shut.... A nice family hopped out of the car and started to walk along the beach. Step by step they got closer to the boat. As they reached the boat they all
climbed in one by one.  Lusey is a 6 year old girl with light blue eyes and wavy long blond hair. Her favourite outfit is a blue short t’shirt, black leggings, blue sneakers and purple socks she also has purple stud earrings. So Lusey climbs out of the boat to have a swim
But following her was….
Her big sister Erica who is 11 years old with light blue eyes, wavy long blond and brown hair which is worn out. Her favourite outfit is a purple short t shirt with dark blue leggings,blue socks and purple sneakers.

They went for a swim. Then when they got back to shore they quickly got changed into their clothes while their parents were talking.
Lusey ran off along the beach and went exploring in the bush as normal. Her sister raced after her to try and stop her from getting lost.
Erica lost track of herself and started to follow Lusey. They slowly climbed up a small hill when they got to the top they were surrounded by bush they struggled through the bush.
When they finally got through the bush Erica realised something they were lost.
They tried to come out of the bush. Finally they managed to come out but their dad’s car was  not there.
Lusey burst into tears she said ‘where has mummy and daddy gone’? Erica replied
‘I don’t know but we will find our way to them’.

They went back into the bush they found a tree Erica said ‘ we will camp here for the night’.
The next morning was a beautiful day the birds were chirping the sea was nice and calm.
They kept on searching for their parents and for sticks.
At last they found a huge bunch of sticks so that they can light a fire Erica learnt to light a fire at school for kids health and safety company.
When they were half way down to the beach they found an old Macdonald's bag with chips and a burger .Lusey said ‘ you can have the burger Erica and I will have the chip’s if that is O.K’ ‘ sure lets just hope the it taste better than it looks said Erica yeah I’m with you on that one said Lusey.

When they got to the beach Erica made a fire and after that they heated up there food. It was almost the afternoon a helicopter travelled over them. they jumped around so that  the helicopter could see them.The helicopter noticed them and took them to the side of the beach where the road was. The Pilot asked Erica what their phone number is ,she said 8728626 is that all asked the Pilot yes replied Ercia. An hour later Lusey and Erica’s mum and dad arrived  to pick them up Lusey and Erica were overwhelmed so was their parents by the look of it after all the hugging and kissing they went home and lived happily ever after.THE END.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

My Maths

    This week we have been learning in our maths to get really fast at our 5 timetable so that we can answer                really fast and get use to not using our hands anymore. These are the one's that we have been doing.
 This is it in order.                 
5 x 1 =5    We use the timetable master to help us with our time table's, but the timetable master does not put 5 x 2 =10          it in order so that you can be asked a question, that is like 5 x 8 =40 instead of saying
5 x 3 =15                                       5   10   15   20   25  30   35   40        
5 x 4 =20                                                that is skip counting
5 x 5 =25                              
5 x 6 =30                         This week on the 16 of October Monday I had my Maths test                             5 x 7 =35      
5 x 8 =40                          When I was fished my maths test we Skype my mum because..........   
5 x 8 =40                                               I MOVED UP TO STAGE 5B
5 x 9 =45                   At the beginning of the year I was only 4b then in the middle of the year I was 5a  
5 x 10=50                                                  Now I am 5B!!!  
5 x 11=55          All so when I was little and started maths I HATED MATHS because all the questions
5 x 12=60                       where so hard.  Maths was the part of the day that I did not like
                                         but when I moved up to Mrs Love I started to LOVE maths
                                                    so much now it is my favorite subject to do.

                                    This is how to skip count if you do not know the answer.
                                5      10      15      20     25      30      35      40      45      50      55      60

10 x 1=10                            We are all so learning our 10 timetables here they are.
10 x 2=20                                      This is how we learn our ten timetables      
10 x 3=30            
10 x 4=40              10 x 1 is 10 because you just a 0 to the 1 so it will be 10 here is anther one
10 x 5=50        10 x 2 is 20 because you add a 0 to the end of the 2 so it will make 20.  
10 x 6=60                                               Here is a harder one                        
10 x 7=70                    10 x 10 is 100 because you just add 0 again it is that simple.
10 x 8=80
10 x 9=90
10 x 10=100

                                        We are also learning our two timetables here they are
2 x 1=2
2 x 2=4
2 x 3=6
2 x 4=8
2 x 5=10
2 x 6=12
2 x 7=14
2 x 8=16
2 x 9=18
2 x 10=20


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

My art

HI and welcome back today I am selling my art 

                         You would probably want a ........2017 calendar right? 

                                                  Here is a close up on my art
                              DON'T FORGET IT IS ONLY $9.99 

                    And this art will shine on down to you with the moon. 

Also this night and day art will cost $9.99 and that is all it will cost. There are some other items that you can have like cards (pack of 8) only cost $12, Diaries =$15 and notepads also $12.


Monday, 12 September 2016

Synchronized swimming

Hi and welcome back today I will be showing how much I know about synchronized swimming

In synchronized swimming you  really need to be as flexible as possibly is you ant you will struggle with it to hold your breath for that long. You will need to do 25 butterfly and 25 underwater and when you do it also you will need to be very strong and be gentile too. When you want to start it you will need to start off with swimming and then synchronized.

And that is it for this blog. Hope you like it.        

Learning buddies

Hi and welcome back to my blog post,yes it has be a very long time since I have made a blog, but this blog it very kind. I will like to do a blog post about my learning buddies there names are called Mich,Paris Rain and lets start of with Mich,Mich mostly gets the group have to get together on the mat when we are told to, Paris makes really funny jock's, Rain helps the group if they are stuck and I keep everyone on track and all so me too so at learning task time we all help each of us and all so help to get stuff on the tracing sheet and the boys love to talk abut boy things and Rain and me like to talk but not all the time in learning task time I like to work on my art for my candler to make it really cool and that my parents will like to bey it and it will be but on the wall. Mitch is normally on his computer and Paris is coloring in his poster and Rain likes to do her calendar and I like to do my calendar too our group get along very well.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Passion project

This my passion project. It is about world war two and  what they did there. I know some of the things because my dad was training with the army. It was a lot of time to do it but I got there.

Passion Projects Reflection

Please answer all of the following questions

Describe your passion project. What was your learning in it? What were you trying to produce?
My learning was getting to research what really happened  in world war two and getting learn what day it happened and ended also getting to learn what they slept in these dens  in the ground.I was trying to make a man in the middle of the poster holding a gun and some little drawings around it and some facts that go with it drawings .My passion projects is about world war two and it has on it what we ate and what they ate and where they slept and where they hunted and how they got to the war with the bout.

How far did you get with your passion project? What would have helped you to get further?I have finished it   

What was the most challenging part of your passion project? Finding out all of what they did.

Did you follow your plan well? Why or why not? I did follow my plan well.

Which learning muscles did you use the most while you were working on your passion project? How did you use each one? I use my managing distractions and absorption.

Which learning muscles did you find difficult to stretch during passion project time?noticing.

If you were allowed to pick a new passion project, what would you choose and why? A kitten one because it will be a bit harder but this one was enough

What was your favourite part of passion projects? Drawing the big picture of the man.

My favorite thing about Rimu

My favorite thing in Rimu is that we learn lot and lots of things and the teachers are really nice and kind. They help you when you need it. In Rimu, we have a lot of fun and cool learning tasks and everyone has a big heart and I think that the new learning suits everyone. Also in this hub we make a lot of friends in a lot of ways. We have our learning muscles. My good learning muscle is my managing distractions muscle and the one that I need to work on is my absorption muscle.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

My challenging learning that I achieved

My challenging learning that I have achieved is my maths. When I first started stage five I didn't know how to do it but then, as I went to a workshop, that gave me a tip how to do it. After that day Mrs Carr gave stage five a sheet and  the sheet had divided bys and I have almost finished them.I have done sixteen of them and you have to do twenty of them so I am getting close to it!
Maths isn't that hard now, even though I have gone up a group. Last week I got ten out of ten and only two of   the extras wrong but I still got a sticker. Now maths is my favorite task!    

Thursday, 31 March 2016

iProud 1

Hi this is my iProud I did my camp letter.

My Best Learning

This is my camp letter

Mrs A Townsend
502 Poplar Place

Dear Angela
Thank you for dropping us off and picking us back up. You are very helpful and you are kind. I liked the way you turned up the music; it was super loud. As we went by in the car I was enjoying the view. It was amazing your car is super cool and BIG.

Thank you again for your stunning smile. It shows that you are kind in every way  and also thank you for giving up your time  to come to camp with us and help with everything . Thank you so much for the help again. You are so much fun! You even got out our bags out for us when we forgot them. Thank you very much.

Thank you for taking us everywhere. You are like a taxi driver and you are very very caring.  Even if I wasn't in your car to Camp Weka, you are still my driver. You are very helpful and thank you for helping us with our camp activities and our other camp stuff.  Thank you for doing everything.

Thank you for helping us and doing activities with us. You safely drove us to the park and safely drive us to swimming. You are awesome and thank you for making that day my favourite day of the camp.

Yours sincerely

Taylah  McQuinlan

I am proud of this because I lost all of my best words about her and all of my detail is in there too.

My biggest challenge was the spelling.

The super fly in Napier

 This Saturday or Sunday me and my mum are going to the super fly in Napier. The super fly is a blow up bouncy slide that has to be about 20 feet up. There are three slides. One goes to the left and one goes to the right and one is in the middle. To get a ride on it costs 99 dollars for a hour. For two people, it is 200 dollars.

My friend Jenna, and her brother Bradley,  called our number in our hotel room so we would let them in. This other lady came to the phone and said this  "Hello its Anne here. hallow I now you are still there. I'm coming down right now."
All of us yelled for help and then my mum come down and said "What is all of that noise?" When me and Jenna calmed down from all of that, we headed to the Super fly in Napier. The Super fly is so cool. It was a hot day so it was full of people.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

A new addition to the familly

Last week my mum's sister Leanda  had a baby called Riley. Riley had to stay in the hospital with the doctors until February 28. She keeps breathing on her own and then not breathing on her own. It is very confusing. On the day she gets out of the hospital, me and my mum are going down to the South Island. I finally get to meet my baby cousin in real life. I am so excited to meet her. I feel so sorry for her sister Samantha.  She has to share everything  because Samantha is 1. 

Friday, 12 February 2016

MY First Blog Post 2016

Hi my name is Taylah and this is my first ever blog. I'm in Rimu hub. I've loved the tasks that we have done. All of the students have been helpful and kind to me.In the holidays I stayed at Clifton Beach with my nana and poppa. They live there and my friend Ella just moved in at the beach. She is 5 and she has a two older brothers, one called Koby and another called Josh. I love animals and most of all I love to go crazy with art. When I paint mum and dad never want to give it away, they LOVE it so much. My teachers are Mrs Love, Mrs Carr and Mr Moriarty. They are very kind.

I will be doing a post every week, so make sure you check in with my blog.