Wednesday, 16 November 2016


                           P.E skipping, running and throwing    

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog. Today I will be blogging about P.E.
For P.E we have been doing skipping, running and throwing. Here are some photos of me and my learning buddy Sage doing P.E together.

This is Sage running

This is me running


This is me skipping

This is Sage Jumping

This is me throwing (If you look close enough you can see my ball)

This is Sage throwing (If you look close  enough you can see Sage's ball)  


  1. Wow Taylah!It look's like you've been working really hard in your P.E!I like the photo's you took of Sage and yourself.I think it really show's you'v been working hard!What is you're favorite out of those P.E thing's?(Running,skipping,jumping and throwing).Keep up the great work in P.E! ;)

  2. Wow Taylah what a great post!!! I could see the ball in both of your photos. It's really good that you did it with your learning buddy. I like the teamwork that you and Sage would of had to done. I like the way you did an action one so you could actually show us your whole throw. Did sage do a post about it as well. I would really like to see hers and what she wrote. Which one have you done so far? Keep up the great work Taylah!!!

  3. Wow Taylah!Those photo's look like you've been working really hard.What is your favorite out of running skipping or throwing?Those photo's are really clear so I CAN really see you've been working hard.(especially with that sore heal of yours.How's that going?Keep up the amazing work!!! :D

  4. Wow Taylah!It look's like your having a lot of fun in those photo's of you and Sage!I can tell you have been working really hard.I like how you took a photo of each subject we've been doing in P.E.What is your favorite out of running skipping and jumping?Keep up the awesome work!!!

  5. cool blog post I love all your hard work that you have done keep up the good work ;) :)

  6. Well done Taylah you did a great job with your P.E blog post I loved it that you did it your P.E with someone else also I saw yours and sages ball!!! I an see you trying so well and great photos!!! keep up the great work!!! ;D

  7. love it Taylah looks like you had fun i love how you told
    us what you were doing