Thursday, 31 March 2016

iProud 1

Hi this is my iProud I did my camp letter.

My Best Learning

This is my camp letter

Mrs A Townsend
502 Poplar Place

Dear Angela
Thank you for dropping us off and picking us back up. You are very helpful and you are kind. I liked the way you turned up the music; it was super loud. As we went by in the car I was enjoying the view. It was amazing your car is super cool and BIG.

Thank you again for your stunning smile. It shows that you are kind in every way  and also thank you for giving up your time  to come to camp with us and help with everything . Thank you so much for the help again. You are so much fun! You even got out our bags out for us when we forgot them. Thank you very much.

Thank you for taking us everywhere. You are like a taxi driver and you are very very caring.  Even if I wasn't in your car to Camp Weka, you are still my driver. You are very helpful and thank you for helping us with our camp activities and our other camp stuff.  Thank you for doing everything.

Thank you for helping us and doing activities with us. You safely drove us to the park and safely drive us to swimming. You are awesome and thank you for making that day my favourite day of the camp.

Yours sincerely

Taylah  McQuinlan

I am proud of this because I lost all of my best words about her and all of my detail is in there too.

My biggest challenge was the spelling.

The super fly in Napier

 This Saturday or Sunday me and my mum are going to the super fly in Napier. The super fly is a blow up bouncy slide that has to be about 20 feet up. There are three slides. One goes to the left and one goes to the right and one is in the middle. To get a ride on it costs 99 dollars for a hour. For two people, it is 200 dollars.

My friend Jenna, and her brother Bradley,  called our number in our hotel room so we would let them in. This other lady came to the phone and said this  "Hello its Anne here. hallow I now you are still there. I'm coming down right now."
All of us yelled for help and then my mum come down and said "What is all of that noise?" When me and Jenna calmed down from all of that, we headed to the Super fly in Napier. The Super fly is so cool. It was a hot day so it was full of people.