Monday, 12 September 2016

Learning buddies

Hi and welcome back to my blog post,yes it has be a very long time since I have made a blog, but this blog it very kind. I will like to do a blog post about my learning buddies there names are called Mich,Paris Rain and lets start of with Mich,Mich mostly gets the group have to get together on the mat when we are told to, Paris makes really funny jock's, Rain helps the group if they are stuck and I keep everyone on track and all so me too so at learning task time we all help each of us and all so help to get stuff on the tracing sheet and the boys love to talk abut boy things and Rain and me like to talk but not all the time in learning task time I like to work on my art for my candler to make it really cool and that my parents will like to bey it and it will be but on the wall. Mitch is normally on his computer and Paris is coloring in his poster and Rain likes to do her calendar and I like to do my calendar too our group get along very well.


  1. That's a very kind post. You must learn so much from them. They all sound like great learning buddies. Well done Taylah!!!

  2. I'm sure you all get along great.

  3. Wow you have done a great post I really enjoyed reading it.
    It is ver nice to have buddy's to help you out with your task's.!
    kai pai Taylah M